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Jorakay Group Thailand (formerly Cera C cure Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1992, and started to produce construction materials with the brand name Crocodile (Crocodile), in which it works The company focuses on promoting products: Tile adhesives, grout with many outstanding features compared to the type of tiles at the same time.
In 1993, after a research and improvement effort, Crocodile brand launched the high-end “Gold Crocodile” tile product line with outstanding and breakthrough adhesion with tile-stacked tile application. Meeting the highest demand for consumers in this area.
Following the success of the new Tile Adhesion formula, Crocodile continues to develop and refine grout products. In 2003, the first line of adhesive with anti-mildew properties appeared on the Thai market, the adhesive with Microban technology quickly received attention from consumers and marked a great milestone in company brand positioning process.
In addition to tile adhesives and grout, Crocodile has also improved and developed other additives and construction chemicals such as Flex Shield, Antislip antifreeze, color cement. Crocodile and other structural repair materials ….
By 2017, Cera C cure Thailand officially changed its name to Jorakay Corporation, which is considered a new turning point in the organization’s operation and development.

Jorakay is proud to be granted ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2015 certificates, certifying excellent and effective management systems.

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– Address: Số 100, Đường A4, Phường 12, Tân Bình District, Tp. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
– Phone: +84 28 3812 6878
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