Crocodile Roof Shield – Waterproofing

  • Crocodile Roof Shield is a liquid acrylic, waterproofing product for roofs and facades. Applied in a thick layer, it forms a waterproof, flexible film which adapts to the surface changes caused by tension or expansion.
  • Crocodile Roof Shield is an elastomeric, decorative, water proofing agent for protection, restoration, and repair for all types of roofing as well as gutters and other structures.
  • Crocodile Roof Shield contains a special pigment to reflect UV radiation and reduces heat up 80% (even on dark colors).
  • Moreover, Crocodile Roof Shield better than other acrylic waterproofing 2-6°C when comparing.
  • It can bridge small hairline cracks prior to painting over, and can adhere to almost all surfaces, such as: concrete, mortar plasters, brick, concrete blocks, PVC pipe, metal flashing, and etc.
  • Net weight : 1, 4, 20 kg