Crocodile Silicone Seal

  • Crocodile Silicone-Seal isa one part General Purpose Acetic Cure Sealant.
  • Crocodile Silicone-Seal is a room temperature vulcanizing, acetic acid curing silicone with outstanding adhesive strength,weather ability and elasticity for general glazing and sealing application.
  • It is ready to use, solvent-free, long shelf life, low shrinkage during vulcanization. It is suitable for sealing, bonding, repairing and mending of glass and window construction double glazing in window, shower screens, sanitary, air-conditioning, ventilators, bedding of marine hardware, etc.
  • Crocodile Silicone-Seal exhibits an excellent adhesion to glass, tiles, ceramics, aluminum, fiberglass, non-oily woods, painted surfaces, plastic e.g. epoxies, polyester, polyacrylate and other non porous